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Brian Crower Stage 3 All Motor Cams Honda Civic Si B16 B16A B16A1 B16A2

Brian Crower Stage 3 All Motor Cams Honda Civic Si B16 B16A B16A1 B16A2
Item #:BC0013
Regular Price$489.70
Sale Price$439.38 - You Save $50.32 (10%)

Cam Lobe Adv.Dur. Dur@.050 Lift(in) Lift(mm)
VTEC Lobe 310/308 260/254 .496"/.496" 12.60/12.60
Secondary Lobe 256/256 220/220 .443"/.443" 11.25/11.25
Primary Lobe 256/256 220/220 .428"/.428" 10.88/10.88

The Stage 3 All Motor Brian Crower Cams are the most cost effective camshaft solution for a B16 owner operating on a budget, trying get the most out of his money. These camshafts offer performance at an affordable price.

Are these cams right for my setup?

Use these cams if you already have an intake, header, and exhaust, as well as a built bottom end with higher compression than stock. Typically these cams are used with 12.0:1 compression or higher and do not bring as substantial of a gain on stock block bseries engines. It would be a good idea to get some sort of engine management with these cams like Hondata to get the full potential out of this modification. In short, these would be good for a built street car, or a full race car, but not optimal for a mostly stock car.

Will these affect my car's streetability?

Luckily since you have VTEC, you are idling on the small lobe of the camshaft which means you dont have to deal with the tricky rough idle of being on a big cam all the time without VTEC like other engines. These cams are perfectly streetable, and provide substantial power gains when VTEC is engaged and the engine is on the large lobe of the camshaft.

What else do I need?

You will NEED to use upgraded valvesprings and retainers with this cam to avoid failure, and you will WANT to upgrade your valves, valve guides, and valve seals to make sure your new built head doesnt consume oil and/or smoke. You will also want to purchase a set of adjustable cam gears so you can have these cams professionally "Degreed" by an engine builder so you can get the full potential of your cam upgrade.

BC0013 B20/B16A, 84.5mm bore/11.5:1 compression, BC0010 spring/retainer kit, TWM 50mm ITB, RC 440cc, AEM CAI and ECU, DC 4-1 header, 2.5" collector, sprockets set at +1 int/-1 exh, 91 octane pump gas.
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